Should You Test Competencies For MPS Sales Candidates?

September 25, 2009

Many dealers are hiring salespeople with the express intention of having them specifically sell Managed Print Services. If this is your intention as a hiring manager or if your goal is to convert some of your current sales force to a print management approach, then you may find the following information extremely useful.

Hiring or refocusing employees with the best opportunity for print management selling success should include considering how closely the candidate aligns with the Print Management Consultant Sales Competency Predictive Profile.
In addition to the attitude, skills and knowledge you would expect in a successful sales rep, the following competencies will predict success or failure for an MPS sales professional. Dealers can easily and significantly improve selection success resulting in more immediate sales growth and profit to the business:

Sales Competency Predictive Profile:

  • Develops and uncovers sales leads
  • Qualifies MPS opportunities at the senior management level
  • Persuasive presentation skills
  • Commits time and effort to ensure success
  • Maximizes results by partnering as a customer advocate
  • Adapts approach to different buyer motivations

There are also some specific selling behaviors and activities which can be assessed utilizing proven behavioral interviewing techniques. Verifying the sales person’s ability to produce these observable and measurable activities will also help you to select the right sales professionals for the MPS selling role:

Observable and Measurable Activities:

  • Promotes customer retention by soliciting feedback
  • Increases business through continuous customer contact
  • Develops product knowledge to become a credible client resource
  • Effectively manages a Complex Buying Team

More than ever, when selecting and developing a print management specialist, it is important to put the right person in the right job and for the right reasons. By understanding which competencies, activities and behaviors produce the most effective and proven results, you can begin to make more successful decisions when hiring and developing a print management selling professional.

This profile was developed with the help of work competency profiling and testing assessment expert HR Chally Group in cooperation with Tom Cooke at Print Management Solutions Group and Learning Outsource Group.