Company On The Move: Print Management Solutions Group

November 13, 2009

The Print Management Solutions Group (PMSG) is a strategic alliance between Learning Outsource Group and BEI Pros with a simple mission to support Document Imaging Dealers, Resellers, and OEMs with their development and implementation of a profitable and sustainable MPS offering. With headquarters in Ormond Beach Florida, PMSG provides superior On Site MPS assessment services, MPS Solutions Sales training, MPS Service and Operations training, Sales management Training, Advanced Service Management Training and Ongoing Consulting Services for managing the implementation of Managed Print Services in the office imaging industry. PMSG accomplishes this by leveraging the 15 years of training and curriculum development expertise of the Learning Outsource Group and its Founder Tom Cooke and combining that with the industry’s leading experts in Service Profitability and Operations improvement BEI PROs and its founders Jerry Newberry and Jeff Kelly. PMSG brings a fresh and innovative approach to its powerful two day training seminars by utilizing former industry executives who had developed and executed successful MPS programs as PMSG Trainers and consultants. This talent and experience insures a seamless solution to improve sales and Sales Management effectiveness, service productivity and profitability and operational excellence. The number one goal of PMSG is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding course content in both sales and service disciplines by integrating the programs so that the sales and service personnel of its clients leave the training with a team approach to achieving measurable MPS results. PMSG adds increased flexibility, and greater value, to the training by providing a kiosk of ongoing consulting services before and after training that fundamentally guarantee the successful implementation of its training programs by optimizing MPS implementation and improving operational efficiency. PMSG team members are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise developed in their over 200 years of combined hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that its clients receive the most effective and professional learning and operational experience.

The sales component of the PMSG training is designed to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Participants learn how to sell the value proposition of MPS, manage the multiple relationships in the complex buying team that is typically involved in this transaction, and continue to grow the account after the initialization of an MPS agreement. The program provides an easy to understand and implement step by step Print management engagement process combined with the most powerful methods of consultative selling ever developed. The sales program includes a two day experiential workshop, utilizing a comprehensive participant guide, CD application tool kit, prospecting and appointment guide, and a summary of industry best practices. The course focuses on five key elements: Targeting the right opportunities and gaining “C” level access, securing sponsorship and gaining commitment to the buying process, the art of performing “Quick Views” and analyzing findings, designing and presenting dynamic solutions and implementation plans, and finally how to close and manage the MPS relationship on an ongoing basis for future growth. Past participants list some of the benefits of training they received as being able to build a compelling case for Quick View assessment, a more comfortable approach to gaining access and developing rapport with C level decision makers, and developing a compelling proposal by utilizing the implementation plan as an assumed closing vehicle. Finally, the PMSG toolkit that every participant leaves the training with contains prospect approach letter templates, Quick View Implementation brochures, email templates, MPS checklists, cost calculation tools, proposal templates, and floor plan design tools that can be customized and branded to their organizations. Quite simply the PMSG sales participants leave the two day seminar fully armed and overly anxious to go out and take more than their share of the vast MPS opportunity.

The service component of the PMSG training is designed to provide the knowledge, skill set and strategy to fully support and organizations MPS initiative. The philosophical foundation of this program is that the service organization funds the MPS initiative and to do so; it must operate at peak operational and profit capability. The program includes the first MPS financial and operational business model focusing on the new benchmarks for MPS productivity. The program thoroughly explores the process utilized to determine the workload for an MPS technician, the 10 “must dos” for high profit margins In MPS, and the differences in managing an MPS service staff versus an MFP service staff. Past participants list some of the benefits of attending the course as having the ability to determine service cost at the CPP level, developing expertise in pricing an MPS deal, gaining access to national service capabilities, having the best vendor/suppliers for printer supplies and parts identified for them, and development of effective inventory practices. Each participant leaves with a resource guide containing parts and supply vendor lists and preferred pricing, forms and procedures needed for successful service implementation, methods to calculate a blended CPP rate and a demo of the first ever web based territory development software.

The most intriguing and revolutionary aspect of the training takes place on day two of each seminar when the service participants and the sales participants of each organization meet in a combined class to go over the important aspects that each function needs from the other in order for the MPS program to succeed back at their individual companies. PMSG feels that this part of the program is so important that the pricing for the training is constructed so that an organization is incented to send a sales and service participant at the same time to the class.

As experts in Sales and Service curriculum development and execution, PMSG adds even more to its value proposition by offering upfront MPS program design and then remains involved in every stage of its clients MPS program implementation through its consulting capability. Here again, PMSG went out and solicited the expertise of the most successful industry veterans who had started a successful MPS program from the ground up. PMSG is the only organization of its type that offers from design to completion continual functional and technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements definition, development of functional specifications for client approval, MPS Program design, and overseeing of MPS results after training to fit specific client needs.

Unlike other consulting firms, PMSG, possess true operations experience in MPS Sales and Service environments. Our Sales focused associates are well versed in every aspect of selling skills and tactics, developed from years of experience operating their own MPS programs with a proven track record of success. Our Service focused associates from BEI Pros are equally well versed in every aspect of MPS profit improvement and operational expertise. Jerry Newberry’s experience as the Vice President of Service at Global Imaging Systems and Jeff Kelly’s Xerox Service executive experience are unmatched in the industry.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, PMSG maintains a wide range of qualifications. We excel in MPS compensation design, tracking vehicles, and financial reporting. Our extensive knowledge base entails industry best practices gained from the collective experience of our MPS client base who to date have placed tens of thousands under MPS contracts. We further supplement this knowledge base with access to best price access to proven supplier and vendors whom we negotiate with on an ongoing basis to insure PMSG clients get the best products at today’s best price. At PMSG, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successful MPS training and implementation.

Exceptional training, functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes PMSG the ideal choice for designing, training, implementing and managing your MPS program.