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How Customers Buy
Customers go through eight predictable steps every time they consider a major purchase. To figure out how to best serve your customers, you need to figure out where they are in their buying process and what kinds of information they need so they can move on to the next step.

Having a better understanding of customer buying enables you to ask questions that are in sync with how your customer is thinking.

  • Change
    What change is occurring?
  • Discontent
    How serious is my problem?
  • Research
    What will fix my problem?
  • Comparison
    Who offers the best solution?
  • Fear
    What are the risks of buying?
  • Commitment
    Can we come to terms?
  • Expectations
    Where are my results?
  • Satisfaction
    Am I satisfied?

Once you know the steps of a customer’s buying process, you can begin to develop the right set of skills that will help them through each step.

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