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Slow Down, Sell Faster!™ Sales Training

Sales Training Program Benefits
The Slow Down Sell Faster Sales Program is the most effective sales approach for meeting your customers’ needs at each step of their buying process.

Sales Training Program Benefits

  • Customer-first sales approach that strengthens relationships.
  • Consistent and measurable sales process with metrics to manage.
  • Align your sales process with the needs and wants of customers.
  • Salespeople learn to sell solutions, not just products.
  • Common language for opportunity diagnosis and coaching.
  • Revitalize your most experienced sellers with an innovative sales approach that they’ll see as “new and different.”
  • Create greater customer demand with improved questioning skills.
  • Systematic approach for penetrating and growing key accounts.
  • Position your solution advantageously before competitors get involved.
  • Sell and negotiate on value, not price.
  • Proven successful by many Fortune 500 companies (view our client list).
  • Supported by an award-winning book and CD book that extend the learning outside the classroom.
  • Customizable Web Application Tool.
Sales Training Solutions
When it comes to selling, have we had it all wrong? For years, the focus of sales training has been on the selling process – while ignoring customer buying behavior. But tomorrow’s big winners in sales will be those who learn to join the customer’s buying process.

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