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Skills Needed to Help Customers Buy
Customer needs vary based on where they are in their buying process. A customer who is wondering whether or not a problem is worth solving requires a very different style of selling from a customer who is comparing solutions from different vendors… or from one that has just observed a sales presentation and is now “going silent” on you.

Kevin Davis has made it easier to match selling to buying behavior based on an understanding of customer needs. His model describes 8 Sales “Roles” that represent the professional skills you’ll need to best help a customer through each step of the customer buying process.

  • The Student
    Studies the 3C’s (customer, competition, change) and approaches high probability prospects.
  • The Doctor
    Diagnoses discontent and uncovers important needs.
  • The Architect
    Designs customer-focused solutions that set the ground rules in your favor.
  • The Coach
    Applies competitive sales strategies and presents a compelling solution.
  • The Therapist
    Understands and resolves the buyer’s fears.
  • The Negotiator
    Prepares and applies win/win strategies to reach an agreement.
  • The Teacher
    Sets customer expectations and teaches the customer to achieve maximum value.
  • The Farmer
    Nourishes customer satisfaction in order to grow the account.

To apply these roles, you need to understand where your customer is in their buying process. It becomes even more challenging where there are multiple decision makers involved in the sale.

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